FLAG Press Release re: FLAG CORE

Release date: 3/14/2014

Press Release 

Friday 14th March 2014 

FLAG Press Release re: FLAG Core 

The Core members of FLAG are: -


  • Rebecca Horsington (Chair)
  • Heather Venn 
  • Gavin Sadler
  • Spencer Dixon
  • James Winslade
  • Jenny WInslade
  • Bryony Sadler
  • Jim Winkworth
  • Phil Brewin
  • Stephanie Webster
  • Rhona Light
  • Helen Ridler
If you have any queries about FLAG, FLAG activities or wish to get involved then please contact the relevant person.
On February 14th 2013, FLAG Launched the "Stop the Flooding. Dredge the Rivers" Campaign. This campaign has had international recognition and major success with the Government agreeing to fund the dredging an 8km of the Rivers Tone and Parrett. This is welcome news but FLAG is concerned about the long-term future of the Somerset Levels if other measures are not addressed.  FLAG wants to safeguard the future of the Levels for generations to come. 
For more information please visit our website at www.FLAGSomerset.org.uk
To contact any member of flag please use their first name followed by @flagsomerset.org.uk
If you are unsure whom to contact please use our general email address contact@FLAGSomerset.org.uk
You can purchase FLAG merchandise from www.FLAGSomerset.org.uk/shop
If you would like to volunteer respond to #FLAGSHOUTOUTS on the Facebook wall.
If you would like to offer help please email help@FLAGsomerset.org.uk
Press requests please contact pressofficer@FLAGSomerset.org.uk

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Notes to Editors:

1. FLAG Somerset - Flooding on the Levels Action Group. Please find out more by visiting http://www.flagsomerset.org.uk or join our Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/FLAGsomerset

2. Follow us on twitter @dredgetherivers

3. For more information or to contact us please email pressofficer@flagsomerset.org.uk