FLAG Press Release re: Funding the Somerset Rivers Authority

Release date: 1/21/2016

FLAG have been campaigning for better water management since 2012 and believe that this news is key for to keep up the good work that started following the devastating floods of 2013-2014 in Somerset.  The Somerset Rivers Authority must be supported and this news is key to their success.
A whole catchment approach is essential to water management in Somerset and thus the new precept charge reflects this.  It is essential that there is funding to continually maintain the dredge that was completed in the aftermath of 2013-2014.  Residents can already see the effects of it by watching the water level dropping quicker than it has for years from the Levels and Moors.  Further dredging on the key rivers that take water from the whole of Somerset to the sea that is now equally vital to keep up the good work.  Crucially this money can also be used in the upper catchment to slow the flow of the water, so that the Levels do not become inundated during times of high rains.
Being able to raise transparent funding for water management has been one of FLAG’s main campaign mantras and an important victory that this has finally been achieved.  However we must be mindful that this money is used wisely and there is no wastage to ensure the continued goodwill of Somerset’s populace.  They are putting their money and trust into the SRA and it must be respectful of that.

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