FLAG Press Release re: National Flood Resilience Review

Release date: 9/9/2016

FLAG (Flooding on the Levels Action Group) in Somerset welcomes the recent government report the National Flood Resilience Review with caution.

Whereas we are pleased that national attention is being focused on flooding once again, the modelling does not apply to Somerset. Flood resilience measures such as temporary barriers would expensive and ineffectual on the Somerset Levels where much of the risk is to farmland, ecology and the local economy, as well as housing. As yet there is no future funding confirmed after April 2017 for flood management in Somerset.

FLAG believes that flood resilience ought to be made to measure for each affected area and funding ought to be granted accordingly. In short flood management should be devolved from central government schemes. Positive aspects of the report showing government strategic thinking and accepting that extreme weather events are here to stay are heartening and show that the government is taking flood resilience seriously, though the initial £12.5 million allocated is not nearly enough.

FLAG believes that with sensible tailor-made flood management for local areas is by far the cheapest and most effective way of gaining resilience for communities in the future.

FLAG’s core aims:

  • Stop the flooding – to prevent future flooding disasters in this area;
  • Dredge the rivers – to support easy exit of significant flood water;
  • Maintain the fluvial system - to prevent future long term flooding disasters
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