FLAG Press Release re: 7 Point Plan for Future Flood Management

Release date: 1/30/2014

Press Release 

Thursday 30th January 2014 

FLAG Press Release re: 7 Point Plan for Future Flood Management

Following the news that Owen Paterson wants local stakeholders to produce a report from him to consider within 6 weeks on future flood management FLAG has produced the following Future Flood Management Plan for short, mid and long term strategies.

1. Dredge the rivers immediately and maintain them into the future to maximise river capacity and flow.

2. Investment in essential flood infrastructure (pumping station, river embankments, drains) to control water on Levels and Moors.

3. Reduce runoff and increase infiltration from rural areas by planting trees and hedges in the upper catchment, building attenuation ponds and encouraging more permanent pasture.

4. A water management charge for every household in the catchment area to help fund water management.

5. Construct a tidal barrage on the Parrett to exclude the tide, reduce tidal flood risk, and silt levels in the rivers.

6. More local control of water management budgets and works.

7. Reduce urban runoff by increasing infiltration and reducing runoff volume from towns and villages.

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