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9/9/2016 - FLAG Press Release re: National Flood Resilience Review

FLAG (Flooding on the Levels Action Group) in Somerset welcomes the recent government report the National Flood Resilience Review with caution.

8/13/2016 - FLAG Press Release re: FLAG meet local MP’s to raise concern over future funding for dredging

Somerset campaign group FLAG (Flooding on the Levels Action Group) has met with local MPs Marcus Fysh and David Warburton this week to discuss the future funding of the Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA).

1/21/2016 - FLAG Press Release re: Funding the Somerset Rivers Authority

FLAG welcomes the news that a precept has been agreed by the Government to fund the Somerset Rivers Authority’s continued work.

7/10/2015 - Joint statement by FLAG and RSPB: Funding choices for the Somerset Levels MUST deliver better stewardship of Somerset's water environment

FLAG and the RSPB call on flood management and water management authorities to make funding choices for the Somerset Levels that genuinely offer a realistic roadmap to a brighter and safer future. 

2/10/2015 - FLAG Press Release re: Joining up the catchment

It is time to start thinking about what we can do to tackle the sources of flooding from land and urban areas upstream. This is critical to protecting not only the Levels from flooding, but also towns and villages throughout Somerset. 

2/6/2015 - FLAG Press Release re: FLAG visit to the Holnicote Estate 'Slowing the Flow' Project

Nestled between Minehead and Porlock the Holnicote Estate is visited by thousands of tourists every year attracted by the beauty of its landscape and traditional Somerset villages. Few will know that is part of an exciting DEFRA funded project to look at how water flow in the upper catchment of a river can be 'slowed' so that during heavy rainfall the danger of flooding further down the catchment can be prevent or lessened.

10/31/2014 - FLAG Press Release re: #KeepItUp

The Environment Agency (EA) has kept its promise and completed the crucial 8km dredge of the Rivers Parrett and Tone following the devastating floods on the Somerset Levels last winter.  Despite a very challenging timescale, the dredge has been finished on time.  The Flooding on the Levels Action Group (FLAG) know that the dredge will make a real difference this winter and feel very positive about the work that has been done so far.

10/30/2014 - FLAG Press Release re: FLAG helps assess the wildlife impacts of Somerset floods

The Flooding on the Levels Action Group (FLAG) has contributed to an assessment of the impact on wildlife of last winter’s flooding in Somerset. The assessment uses a combination of observations by local people, surveys by ecological advisors, and some commissioned surveys to summarise what has happened to wildlife and habitats in the Somerset Levels and Moors as a result of the flooding in winter 2013-14.

10/21/2014 - FLAG Press Release re: Rain to blame? U stands for Umbrella as Bridgwater MP makes u-turn on cause of flooding

Bridgwater and West Somerset MP, Ian Liddell Grainger, has made a dramatic U-turn over the cause of the flooding to the Somerset Levels this winter in the Western Daily Press this week.

9/4/2014 - FLAG Press Release re: Pump up the volume or risk Bridgwater flooding in the future

Without a substantial upgrade to Northmoor pumping station Bridgwater is at serious risk of flooding in future flood events.

6/19/2014 - FLAG Press Release re: FLAG Vision for Somerset Rivers Board

The Secretary of State for DEFRA, Owen Paterson, is very keen for more local governance to take a key role in the future management of the rivers and waterways of Somerset. 

6/17/2014 - FLAG Press Release re: Report on Winter Floods by Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee

FLAG are very encouraged by the published findings and recommendations put forward by the Report on Winter Floods by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee.  

5/21/2014 - FLAG Press Release re: Balkan Flood Relief

The terrible events that have unfolded during the devastating floods in the Balkan region have galvanised the members of the Flooding on the Levels Action Group back into emergency relief mode once again. 

5/21/2014 - FLAG Press Release: Countdown to winter: #ticktock

FLAG has to ensure that the terrible flooding of 2014 is never repeated.  We know that flooding on the Somerset Levels can never be prevented entirely, it should never have continued for as long or at the levels that it did.  

5/13/2014 - RE: FLAG SKY DIVE EVENT – Supporting the flood affected people of the Somerset Levels

19 volunteers who have supported the flood relief on the Somerset levels will be doing a 15,000 feet Charity skydive event on the 3rd July at Dunkeswell in Devon.

4/3/2014 - FLAG Statement: Dredging Profiles and Flow rates

We are pleased to announce that the Environment Agency (EA) have kindly supplied FLAG with paper copies of the dredging profiles that we requested.

3/30/2014 - FLAG Press Release re: Let the Dredging Commence

Dredging of the rivers Parrett and Tone has now started. The crucial 8km stretch that was identified by the Environment Agency (EA) modelling following the flood event of 2012 is currently where the operation is taking place.  

3/27/2014 - FLAG Press Release re: Porlock Visitor Centre’s Generosity

FLAG’s Rebecca Horsington travelled to Porlock Visitor Centre on Wednesday to receive gifts from local businesses in West Somerset to donate to flood victims.

3/14/2014 - FLAG Press Release re: FLAG CORE

FLAG stands for Flooding on the Levels Action Group. We are currently in the process of applying for charitable status. Find out more about the team...  

3/10/2014 - FLAG Press Release re: Dredging and waterway maintenance is crucial to the survival of the Somerset Levels

Since the release of the proposed 20 Year Plan last week there has been a lot of discussion about the costings and cause of the floods that have devastated the Somerset Levels over the past 2 months.  

3/6/2014 - FLAG Press Release re: FLAG response to Somerset Levels 20 year Flood Action Plan

FLAG are cautiously optimistic about the proposals made in the 20 Year Plan to protect the Somerset Levels as announced by Somerset County Council today.

2/20/2014 - FLAG Press Release re: Markers and Measures - 20 Year Plan

FLAG proposes the following FLAG Markers and Measures for inclusion in the Somerset Levels 20 year Plan. FLAG will use these FLAG Markers and Measures to monitor Plan delivery and success.

2/1/2014 - FLAG Press Release re: Welly Walk Fundraiser

A Welly Walk was held today in the village of Stoke St Gregory in aid of the Flooding on the Levels Action Group (FLAG).

1/31/2014 - FLAG Press Release re: The Environment Agencies claims that Dredging Would Have Little Impact to Flooding Event on the Somerset Levels

The top management of the Environment Agency were still stating that dredging would make little difference to the flooding situation on the Somerset Levels. This is our response...

1/30/2014 - FLAG Press Release re: 7 Point Plan for Future Flood Management

Following the news that Owen Paterson wants local stakeholders to produce a report from him to consider within 6 weeks on future flood management FLAG has produced the following Future Flood Management Plan for short, mid and long term strategies.

1/29/2014 - FLAG Press Release re: David Cameron's Announcement about Dredging on the Somerset Levels

FLAG welcome the announcement made by Prime Minister David Cameron that the rivers will be dredged once the current high water levels drop.

1/29/2014 - FLAG Press Release re: Campaign Achievements

During our campaign to get the rivers Parrett and Tone dredged and maintained to safeguard the Somerset Levels for the future we have achieved the following...

1/27/2014 - FLAG Press Release re: Owen Paterson

The Flooding on the Levels Action Group (FLAG) feels cautiously optimistic following the visit to Somerset by Owen Paterson.