FLAG Statement: Dredging Profiles and Flow rates

Release date: 4/3/2014


We are pleased to announce that the Environment Agency (EA) have kindly supplied FLAG with paper copies of the dredging profiles that we requested. We look forward to receiving the rest of profiles when they are ready; these are engineering drawings and it will take us a little bit if time to interpret the data.

We have also been sent a copy of the 1963 Tone Valley Scheme that includes some historic cross sections. Evaluation of historic and current river profiles is not straightforward and we encourage the EA to produce simple comparison drawings between the 1963 profiles and today’s dredging project. We are particularly interested in how the cross sectional areas for current dredging profiles compare with those of the 1960s. We would like to know how the peak flow rates equate to both, as this will be a useful test as to whether the current dredging project has been able to restore the rivers Parrett and Tone to their 1960s capacities as has been promised wherever possible.

We already know that the current dredge cannot replicate the 1960s profiles exactly as there are features along the rivers, such as piling and revetment, which were not present in the 1960s. The key point is that the current dredge must restore flood flows to at least those of the 1960s. The shape of the channel is not as important as how much water passes through.


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