About FLAG

Flooding on the Levels Action Group was started during the devastating floods of 2012/13.

Our campaign - “Stop the Flooding. Dredge the Rivers!” was launched in November 2013.

During our campaign to get the rivers Parrett and Tone dredged and maintained to safeguard the Somerset Levels for the future we managed to raise awareness of campaign and drew very positive media support.
This media attention has galvanised our local MPs into fully supporting our cause and resulted in the Secretary of State for DEFRA, Owen Paterson visiting our stricken area last week and announcing that stakeholders involved had to produce a report within 6 weeks that would be viable to protect the Levels for at least 20 years.  

David Cameron (Former PM) authorised dredging to begin of our rivers as soon as possible.  He also announced that further high volume pumps were to be installed to ensure that the water will be moved away as soon as possible.

Major landowners like the RSPB are supportive of dredging and further anti flooding measures because everyone realises that long term solutions need to be in place to ensure that there is better control of flood management so the unique environment of the Somerset Levels can be protected and workable for future generations.

We remain committed to raising the profile of the Levels, to educating people about the correct management of the Levels and to future planning.  We need to work with the Government, the RSPB, English Nature, Somerset County Council, the local Councils, the Drainage Boards, and the Environment Agency (EA) to ensure that this work is completed.   

These have been terrible and devastating times for some of the local people, but without a doubt the community has remained strong and supportive of the cause. Social media has played a massive role in the success of the campaign and has been used extensively to share information and advice about flood management, as well as offering support.

We would like to thank the EA who have worked tirelessly to ensure that homes and properties have been protected to the best of their ability. Managers and policy makers created this situation not the ordinary staff on the ground.  We would like to thank everyone involved who has helped make this campaign such a success.

Since its creation in 2013 FLAG has continually campaigned for funding to be made available through a variety of sources in order to make long term dredging and maintenance of the Somerset Levels rivers a reality, with the aim of preventing a repeat of the devastating floods of the Winter 2013/14.  

FLAG hopes to welcome all of Somerset MPs whose constituencies are touched by flooding to discuss the potentially difficult issue of future funding of the SRA, which is so crucial to the whole county.


FLAG Core Team

Below is a list of current members of the Core FLAG Team. These pages are currently being updated.

Gavin Sadler

Bryony Sadler

Rebecca Horsington

James Winslade

Jenny Winslade

Spencer Dixon

Jim Winkworth

Heather Venn

Rhona Light

Helen Ridler

Clare Aparico Paul

Stephanie Webster

Nick Frost

Steve Mewes